Yoga Teachers at Yoga School of Therapeutics

Heather Clark

Heather Clark
Heather has been an avid yoga practitioner for over 15 years. Starting yoga for the physical benefits and as a way to complement her athletic training, she quickly grew to love yoga and all that it teaches the mind, body and spirit.  As an executive in the corporate world for the past 17 years, Heather would use her work travel to various cities all over the country as an opportunity to practice with many different teachers and styles of yoga.  Now, as a certified instructor, Heather is excited to bring her blend of various styles of yoga to the Yoga School of Therapeutics.  Heather has a passion for sharing yoga with teens and preteens, because she believes it can be a valuable ingredient in the fight against negative body image issues that plague today’s youth.  In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, Bryan, and blended family of six children: Piper, Tatum, Margo, Sawyer, Jack and Gabe.

Kelly Crowe Kelly Crowe
Kelly Crowe Bergman enhances the Yoga School with a “triple role” of teaching meditation, yoga, and administering therapeutic massage.
She primarily practices formless meditation, also known as Vipassana or Dhyana; and provides instruction in a variety meditation techniques.  Her inner work has been most influenced by Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharishi, Adi Da, and Adyashanti.

Kelly's fascination with yoga began with famous Vanda Scarvelli, which inspired her to embody yoga's teachings. Learning a variety of styles with many teachers including a year’s immersion with the nationally renowned visiting faculty and Suzette Scholtes at the Yoga School of Therapeutics, Kelly shares a distinctive depth of experience with her students.

Her initial studies at Esalen and at Crystal Mountain School of Therapeutic Massage, in Albuquerque, New Mexico earned her national certification in 1998. Ongoing training allows clients to choose from many healing modalities when working with Kelly.  She uses Hugh Milne’s approach to cranial sacral work,  and is strongly influenced by eight years of  study with Donald Epstein in Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) .  In addition Polarity Therapy, Access Consciousness-Bars, Myofacial Release, Reiki, and Ortho-Bionomy are among the skills that facilitate unique healing experiences.

She shares meditation and yoga practices with her chosen life-partner and soul mate, Scott Bergman. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Kansas with a focus in liberation psychology and cultural consciousness which emphasizes how personal paths lead to social transformation.
Sharon Friedman Sharon Friedman, 500 - RYT
Sharon Friedman has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. She has multiple certifications including a certification from The Yoga School of Therapeutics, with Suzette Scholtes, Relax and Renew Certification with Judith Hanson Lasiter,a Viniyoga Teacher Certification with Gary Kraftsow and the America Viniyoga Institute and many visiting teachers over the years. Sharon’s yoga training combined with her years of experience as a certified massage therapist has resulted in a teaching style that is responsive to the unique anatomy of each student.
Sharon’s classes are for students of any age who are looking to find flexibility and strength through gentle but very deep body and breath work.  She creates a safe learning environment infused with positive affirmations that can be applied in real life situations.  In this way yoga empowers each student to be secure in the beauty of their own individuality.
For thousand of years yoga and yoga philosophy has helped people practice discipline, patience and acceptance. Sharon reminds us that These three practices and more have given countless generation the tools to respond to the challenges of life with adaptability and ease. Sharon’s passion is to share this wisdom she receives from her daily personal practice and continuing studies.
Theresa Goodman

Theresa Goodman - CYT RYT 500
Theresa’s passion for yoga radiates to her students. Devoting over seven years to the study, practice of asana and yoga philosophy, she merits over 3000 CEU’S in yoga training.

She has studied in workshops with master yogis including Doug Keller, Aadil Palkhivala, Judith Lasater, Elise Browning Miller, Donna Farhi, Paula Self, Rama Jyoti Vernon, and Gary Kraftsow. She received her teacher certification at The Yoga School of Therapeutics with Suzette Scholtes.  After suffering from sciatica and migraines from a cervical spine injury she turned to yoga to seek solace and peace in her life. Pain free today with the use of asana, mantras, meditation and breathing she shares her story to inspire her students. She advises students individually to meet their unique needs. In 2013 she was featured in a documentary "Art Saved My Life." The film testifies the light and healing power of yoga and movement arts.  

She is a skilled herbalist, nutrition specialist, and studies homeopathy. She is a mother of four boys and is a strong supporter of natural child birth and breast feeding; thus  Pre-natal and Post natal yoga are also  her specialties.  She serves as a teaching faculty member at The Yoga School. "Wellness of the individual is my priority,” she says.

Sudha Govindan - Yoga Teacher Sudha Govindan
Born and raised until early adulthood in India, Sudha was surrounded by yoga all the time. She has witnessed first-hand the benefits and the power of yoga practiced by my family members and how it helps their professions. She says, “With love of yoga, the best way to be more committed is to teach it.” Sudha notes she is fortunate to learn from Suzette Scholtes, Doug Keller, Aadil Palkhivala, Donna Farhi, and many other gifted teachers. “I want everyone to feel the powerful mind and body connection yoga brings. There is nothing more I crave than seeing students leave the classroom feeling and looking happy, calm and so peaceful.”
Kim Lacy - Yoga Teacher Kim Lacy CYT, RYT 500
"The more I practice, the more I love and appreciate yoga and the better I feel. I love sharing yoga because it benefits us on so many levels-- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual--if we do it. I tell my students the most challenging part of a yoga practice is just managing to get oneself on the mat or to class. After that it's an adventure, and always healing, strengthening, enlivening and enlightening."

Kim graduated from KU with degrees in English and Education intending to teach school, but found herself watching the kids sitting at their desks and wishing she could teach them yoga. She moved to San Francisco with the intention of becoming certified so she could bring yoga into classrooms. Since then she has taught yoga in schools, various venues, and yoga studios. After graduating from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco's 3 year teacher training program in 1989 she moved to Bellevue, WA to study with Aadil Palkhivala. She taught at his studio as well as at Yoga Northwest in Bellingham, WA for many years. She has been a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor since 1994 and has traveled to India once to study with the Iyengars. For the past ten years now, she has been teaching at The Yoga School and at Yoga Center of Lawrence where she continues to enjoy learning from her students and other teachers. Kim has also trained in massage therapy and energy healing.

Julia Lentz - Yoga Teacher

Julia Lentz, M.A., RYT 500
Julia’s warmth and quiet confidence transfers to her students making her a loved and popular teacher. She prefers to be called a helper instead of a teacher. She further explains that she leads a heartfelt class full of love and laughter with the hope that each individual will leave class feeling more peaceful and joyful and take those feelings out into the world. Upon retiring from a much loved career as a special education diagnostician, counselor and college professor, yoga became a life raft for navigating the waters of retirement. She hopes to help other’s discover the joy of new beginnings!

Julia has immersed herself in numerous yoga traditions since 1997 including, Kundalini, Iyengar, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Astanga, I-Rest Yoga Nidra, Calming Kids, and Journey Dance. Her certifications include; 200 hour Prana Vinyasa Flow Teacher training with Shiva Rea, at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice, CA.,  Yoga Therapist for Seniors, at Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine, and 1500 hour Teacher Training/Advanced Certified Yoga Instructor with Suzette Scholtes, at The Yoga School Therapeutics.

She has been teaching yoga for the teachers and staff in the Hickman Mills School district since 2007. In 2010 she joined the staff at the Yoga School of Therapeutics assisting and substitute teaching in the Special Focus class for Parkinsons and auto immune disorders and substituting as needed for regular classes. Through her private yoga business, YogaJoy, she teaches workshops and has taught yoga and meditation for Women’s retreats at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort in Provo Utah. She brings to the classroom her lifelong experience as an educator, her rich knowledge of yoga, and an exceptional intuitive understanding of yoga as therapy.
Nancy McMillin - Yoga Teacher Nancy McMillan C.Y.T, RYT 500, Relax and Renew® certified
After serving as a substitute teacher during her apprenticeship at the school, Nancy became a regular teacher in 2006. Having discovered yoga in the early 90s Nancy is aware of the powerful effect yoga has had on her life. She firmly believes no matter one’s age or physical limitations, a focused practice can be life changing. A commitment to life-long learning challenges, motivates Nancy in her own study and in her teaching. In her classes she strives to make certain each student experiences a deeper awareness of their own body that will enable change and growth through their practice. She is grateful for inspirational teachers who give so much of themselves as she continues her own journey. She witnesses community forming between students and teachers with each giving and receiving equally. Regular attendance at workshops given by Aadil Palkhivala, Doug Keller, Judith Hanson Lasater,, Paula Tortolano has been invaluable in her continuing growth.
Yvonne Palese-Yoga Teacher

Yvonne Palese, RN, BS
Yvonne brings to the classroom a rich history in holistic wellness. As an RN for 37 years, she focuses on wellness with her knowledge of nutrition, yoga, and much more.

She honors her students with care to integrate mind to body to heart and spirit. As a nurse experienced in cardiac, intensive care, and case management, she loves her work as a "holistic" nurse and wellness consultant. Her students appreciate her wealth of knowledge and kind and generous care and guidance as a certified yoga instructor from The Yoga School of Therapeutics. While living in Los Angeles, Yvonne produced and directed a television show called "A New Vision, Holistic Health." She also appeared as a guest speaker on AT & T Cable Network Broadband "Touching Lives" and guest host on "Issues and Answers" which aired in Southwest cities.

While in Kansas she has worked for Kansas City Holistic Center and the St. Lukes Healthcare System as a Holistic Nurse and Wellness Consultant.
She welcomes all to attend her gentle yoga class on Friday's 1:30 to 2:45. Leave refreshed, relaxed and filled with hope and good cheer.

Heather Rama

Heather Rama
Heather's yoga journey began over 10 years ago when she decided to take a class on a whim. The mental and physical affects of the practice were obvious immediately but what interested her the most were how the specific systems of the body were affected by each pose. Heather's practice continued even though her life changed-motherhood and then taking a managerial position that had her away from home often. But there was always yoga calling her back to herself. And then, one day, a lightbulb went off and she knew she needed to help people through yoga. As her practice deepened, she watched her life and those around her change positively and she knew she was on the right path.

Heather is currently a 200 hour RYT, CYT, who certified at The Yoga School of Therapeutics, now  perusing her 500 certification. Her favorite teachings have been those of Master Yoga Therapist  Doug Keller, answering so many questions from early on in her journey. Even though the study of yoga is deep and intense, Heather has kept her sense of humor and strives to make yoga accessible to all through her lighthearted approach. She can be found keeping your favorite bartenders and chefs healthy at her weekly Service Industry Professionals class. She is also doing pop up events all over the city in unique settings. In her free time she can be found baking cookies with her kids, traveling the globe and having adventures.

Jan Schmidt - Yoga Teacher

Jan seeks to help others optimize their health and well-being by helping them discover the resources within their bodies, hearts and minds to live healthy and fulfilling lives. In 1996, after several years of demanding much from her own body as an athlete and group exercise instructor, she turned to yoga in search of healing and balance. Through this process, she discovered that yoga is so much more than a form of exercise, but truly a way of living.

Jan holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, personal training certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and has 30 years of experience in teaching group exercise classes. Soon after discovering the gifts of yoga, she started sharing what she was learning in her group exercise classes and personal training sessions, specifically working with the breath and cueing for body awareness. She had the privilege of entering formal teacher training with the Yoga School of Therapeutics in 2012 and completed her 500 hour certification in April 2013. She is gifted at teaching asthanga, traditional, and therapeutic yoga to all ages and body types.

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

Suzette Scholtes, CYT, E-RYT 500
Suzette has been teaching yoga and meditation since l984. Suzette founded The Yoga Studio of Johnson as a formal corporation in l994. She also serves as Director of Teacher Training. Suzette says to teach one must be committed to service while keeping a sense of humor. Her studies continue this day in advanced trainings across the country.

Suzette’s community service has brought recognition in both awards and press. Her published works include a current column in KC Wellness Journal. She previously wrote a monthly column for Enlightened Practice Magazine. Her other published non-fiction material on health and wellness has appeared in many national and regional magazines. Her audio tape “Yoga Balance” was published by New Leaf, Atlanta, in l996. She was awarded for her non-fiction work in l989 by Writer’s Digest Magazine.

In 2006, she was hired by KU Medical Center to lead a study on yoga’s effects on Parkinson ’s disease where she relied upon her 12,000 hours of training to create new yoga therapeutics. Suzette’s presentations on yoga and health have been received by such groups as the Kansas University School Nursing, The American Business Women’s International Conference, Wyandotte County Mental Health Association, Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Unity Church and more. She leads yoga workshops and conferences in many others cities, including an annual presentation in Wichita, Kansas.

Suzette says that an effective teacher helps students empower themselves to create wellness in body, mind, and emotions.

Stacy Sebol Stacy Sebol
Stacy believes that yoga offers a holistic approach to wellness.  By nurturing the body, mind and spirit a yoga practice can benefit anyone, of any ability and at any stage of life. For the past 20 years, Stacy’s work as a physical therapist has allowed her to work with individuals with a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological impairments and help them improve their quality of life through exercise.  Her goal now is to use her knowledge to help others develop their own personal practice and experience yoga in a safe and non-competitive atmosphere. 
Chisa Wilcoxon Chisa Wilcoxon
Chisa began to study yoga in her home town of Tokyo in Japan. When she moved with her family to Kansas City in 1994, she focused on home schooling their two children.  Chisa said she explored yoga a number of years ago to improve her allergies and general health.  “Within two years with yoga and a few changes in diet, I was able to give up allergy medication. My health improvement was huge,” she said. Chisa loves to share what she has learned in her studies at The Yoga School of Therapeutics, where she earned her 500 hour level certification. She also teaches at her church. Chisa brings to the classroom great empathy for her students, especially those who think they may be stiff.  “I was stiff when I began yoga,” she said. “I use techniques of yoga which allow us to open and enjoy class.”

The Teacher of Yoga

Challenged by a gathering of a variety of students, how does the teacher present the yoga experience for the many body-types present?

The skilled teacher knows that teaching is seeing. The sight, first scientific, broadens to a sense of something greater than self. The orchestration of postures taught is a complex mix of vertical and lateral and spiraling movements originating from grounding the bones. This cannot be discussed or lectured but must be felt by the student. The more the student finds resistance, the more probable the release.

Beginner and teacher are equal, especially in the sense that the origin of energy does not discriminate. The complex paradox of release and resistance ultimately is governed by choice. The positive ego-I as opposed to the negative ego-I is willing to grow, commit, stretch, and expand without prejudice from past experiences. There is obvious knowing within yoga asana. However, new territories are presented and from the new perspective, the student may choose to venture more deep or more broad, or more centered or not.

Thus the teacher of yoga presents a complex science and art. It demands of a teacher an ongoing practice of observing and exploring yoga in its many forms. Without it, the teacher may become dull, predictable, or self-focused.