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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

“Romance: A love affair characterized by high ideals of purity, devotion, ardor, etc.”

-Second definition in Funk & Wagnall’s Dictionary


The Romance of February

I’m in love with a “romantic” and this mirrors my soul in glorious ways. For Christmas he indulged me with the “real deal” perfume, a dozen red roses, a gift of gold jewelry, a gift certificate for a massage, satin “pretties,” a silly-and-sweet stuffed bear, and lots of hugs and kisses. But let’s face it, lots of romantics pair up with those who are not. Some folks know little of how to keep the mystery and intrigue, or “devotion and ardor” in their relationship.

My editor years ago assigned me a Valentine’s story where I interviewed Kansas Citians of their favorite romantic gifts or gestures. Here I resurrect a few ideas:

  • Place red roses in several different small vases and place them around the house including the bed stand.
  • Buy pink or red or black satin sheets and wash them and while your love is away place them on the bed Valentine’s Day.
  • Buy the “silk” rose petals and strew them over the bed spread or leave a trail from the hall to the bedroom. (the real ones stain your sheets.)
  • Instead of the usual dozen red roses buy a potted green plant and add a rose or two for a gift that gives all year long.
  • Tape secret love notes or love poems to your mate’s car dash board or home computer screen and/or the bathroom mirror.
  • One year I put on an “ocean wave” CD, made pina coladas, wore a Hawaiian shirt while a Hawaiian meal simmered on the stove. He enjoyed the feeling of the south pacific in our living room in the middle of winter!
  • Enjoy a romantic comedy you both like while sipping good champagne.
  • Write a love poem even if it feels silly!
  • Use candles on the dinner table & light them each night of Valentine’s week.
  • Hire your over-worked wife or husband a “housekeeping” gift certificate and if you already have one; give instead a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure. Present inside your Valentine’s card.
  • Buy one another “foods” the other loves but you do not enjoy. For example, one year I made up a “gourmet” box of anchovies, BBQ snacks, real cola and other foods or snacks that would never cross my lips.
  • Since Valentine’s Day falls midweek on a Thursday this year, perhaps to plan a romantic evening for Friday or Saturday. If you have young ones, send them to Grandma’s for the night.
  • Last but not least for KC Wellness readers, avoid the waxy box of chocolates and give a gift of organic fruit or your favorite organic goody. Available in local stores are splendid organic wines. Our favorite is from Badger Mountain in a dark blue bottle.

Romance is in the air but it does begin in our hearts and imagination. If you are single, buy yourself a massage or pedicure and treat yourself with great “devotion” and love. Happy Valentine’s everyone!

Always in love & peace……Suzette Suzette Scholtes’ next workshop on Core Strength, March l, shows how to move “root” energy called mula bhanda in yoga to the heart space. It’s held at Yoga School of Therapeutics where she is founder and director of teacher training. Learn to deepen quality of life by touching your inner resources for more health and happiness. Reserve at (9l3) 492-9594.

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