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An oak tree is brought into creation by two forces at the same time, the Zen Buddhists believe. The acorn seed holds the promise & potential and everyone sees this. Only a few recognize the other force—the future—that wants so much to exist it pulls the acorn into being out of yearning from the void. This mysterious force forms the seed into reality.

Driving up the street last Sunday in his shinny new car, my handsome 26-year-old-son smiled ear-to-ear. Even his eyes were smiling. Justin paid cash, doing well to meet this goal. It made me think of the quote from the friend, “Happiness is the fulfillment of our needs. Joy is the fulfillment of our preferences.” Justin grew his acorn…this time into a mustang.

With the storms, he stayed over with his new car tucked away in the garage to avoid the threatening hail. We talked late. “Don’t you think people are happy as they make up their minds to be?” Justin asked.

I looked at him in awe. He just quoted Mark Twain.

Many may agree happiness takes personal effort. You look for it, strive for it, and want it and sometimes wait a lifetime to have it. The mystics say choose now to be happy by being awake to the many blessings in your life…. from the sunshine to the tangibles.

I visited in April my awesome spiritual friend, Julie, a personal coach who lives in Phoenix. We go to the glamour spots in Scottsdale and to meet one of her friends, a multi-millionaire. As we talked, his unhappiness became apparent. The smiling face masked a lot of hurt, mostly from former wives and lovers.

It reminded me of a high truth. We may acquire all the trappings of a “happy life” yet it’s fundamental to form a friendship with our spirits and the Divine to feel love from the inside. Sometimes we assume the wealthy must be happy with all their money.

Most everyone wants success. Yes, think of this: If our thoughts focus an hour or so on visions of success and the other 23 are full of worry and doubt, what do we create? Lack. It creates lack. Thoughts are energy and the intent moves toward losing more than winning.

Stand like a sentinel guarding your thoughts, intents, choices, and attitudes. As soon as the creepy, dark ones emerge, command STOP, PIVOT, & CANCEL. Call the light. Ask for the light and the love to protect you.

“But I just don’t feel this light!” says a young lady in a lot of crisis. I suggested in the most gentle voice: “Your negative ego has more power over you than the light and it is just very happy to have that power. Why give it away?”

The core of true peace and happiness must be defined by each of us according to our needs and preferences. And it is true “stuff” is a measure of success in this illusion…..but it’s our illusion….or dream to create what we want because we want it. In asking for what I want it’s always with these important words. “Manifest this of better with harm to none.”

“Some of the greatest blessings are our unanswered prayers,” so goes a lyric by Garth Brooks. The acorn may get stolen by a squirrel and never fulfill its destiny. Yet we are more in our powerful human potential, capable of directing the mighty force of our future light.

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

Suzette Scholtes
Suzette Scholtes is founder and Director of Teacher’s Training at Yoga School of Therapeutics. She is author of many national columns and articles as well as published by New Leaf, Atlanta. She has earned over 8000 CEUs in her many studies worldwide. The school is a National Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training School. The staff teaches classic yoga and related therapeutics to help each person strengthen inner resources for ongoing health, happiness, and quality of life.

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