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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Happy Fourth of July! Four Choices to More Freedom

“ In the uttermost meaning of the words, devotion is thought. Deep calls unto deep. “

1. WATCH YOUR MIND Commit to watching every thought, feeling, emotion and your spoken or typed words. Choose: I will attempt now to harm no other or myself with my thoughts, actions, or words. Every time you observe such feelings as self-pity (masking fear), blame, anxiety, frustration, boredom, or angry thought, make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to recognize, pivot, cancel and change. Freedom begins with choice….to become devout to that “choice.” To choose wisely we must be aware of the nuance of our minds, bodies, thoughts, and feelings. It is now said by some that your thoughts manifest in 30 seconds or less! If we wish to create a reality of joy, happiness, appreciation and gratitude we must be awake to the cadence of our thought and feelings. Attitudes of blame, lack of responsibility, revenge, etc. are dark, which take away our ultimate freedom to lift to the higher vibration of appreciation, gratitude, and love.

2. AJUST YOUR ATTITUDE Stop reading in this moment and pause to find one thing about you which you truly appreciate….be it a picture, a person, an object. Teach yourself to look at the “cup half full” with appreciation and gratitude to resonate a vibration which aligns to the laws of attraction. Be willing to succeed. Check inside to adjust any issues of feeling worthy or deserving of a winning life. If you find blocks or obstacles surrender them in ceremony to Divine Love. Ask: “Heal me what I may be blind to….thank you very much.”

3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY For one full day wear a certain ring or watch or reminder which cues you to be more loving to your body, hair, clothes and personal effects. Every time you criticize your body, your hair, or compare your clothing or persona to another; you lose a point. Every time you admire or appreciate another’s figure, hair, clothes, smile—you gain a point. At the end of the day every negative point reflects the opportunity to evaluate our self-loathing, self-hatred, self-condemnation or self-punishment. You are in a prison of sorts and freedom is a dream away. Love yourself to health…no more inner critic!!

4. LIFT YOUR SPIRIT Move your body. If you wish to improve your spirit (emotion) then move your body. It lifts with movement: yoga, walking, dancing, jogging, gardening, cooking, cleaning……just move! Even if you are in pain, or sick, or injured, move what you are able to move when well enough. Move and the entire body chemistry moves toward freedom!

Now any readers who just scanned these words and in your head called it “psycho-babble” return to Suggestion #1 and try again. Or use this page to line your bird cage. Or add it to your fridge art and begin the practice. It starts with a fundamental choice. Your choice.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Suzette Scholtes next workshop is Sat., Aug. 23, 1:30 to 4 p.m., where she teaches Reiki and self-healing which work to improve quality of life, confidence, and health of mind and body. Yoga School of Therapeutics (9l3) 492-9594.

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