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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

“My Life has been touched because we have walked a special walk together. Because you matter to me. Because you are family and you have given me courage. Because I care and I love you.”

By Suzette Scholtes

Enlightenment with Pots & Pans

A column about pots and pans? It all started in a conversation with my dear sis, Pat. We visited about her daughter Emily’s wedding coming up in April. On her bridal registry are an awesome set of pot and pans.

“I’m buying the set,” I said. Pat’s reaction was fast and clear: No….too much money for pots and pans. Then we talked, my older sister and I, remembering our times growing up as sisters.

When Dad died in l999 he had converted to the newest fashion in stove tops: the burners were under glass! What a concept we thought. No more scrubbing with that wool iron brush to get off the grease and grime. Dad was always innovative. When we moved to the farm south of Kansas City from Chicago back in l956 we were the first in the community to have bathrooms with flushing toilets. I’m not that old but trust me when I spent nights with friends we used what was called a chamber pot and then took the trip to the Odd House (what a strange name) first thing in the am, rain or shine; snow or sleet.

So here in this spectacular, modern, and large “farm” house we had three bathrooms, some with double sinks, both a bath and shower, and flushing toilets. Our neighbors talked about it. Dad in his wild imagination ordered them in soft blue; smoky pink; and the basement one in old-fashioned white.

But back to pots and pans. So when I renovated my old colonial here and bought new appliances one store displayed a super-deluxe model like the one Dad bought over seven years ago. I was raised as a cook with a gas stove but it was too costly to convert so bought it and loved its neatness in an instant.

When Pat saw the new stove, she said you need Dad’s pots and pans. “What pans?” I asked. Well, when he died she boxed up this very expensive set of pans made just for glass stove tops. “Your pans dance back and forth when you are cooking, even boiling water,” she said. She said it was dangerous as they could spill.

I never imagined danger was near without the right pots and pans.

So she gave them to me next trip when she came to K.C. “These cost a lot of money,” she said.” (This is a ritual in this family so you know the importance of the gift.) Then we made a new recipe of pasta with fresh vegetables cut just so; and a salad of greens and summer tomato. Later we sat together satisfied and said how good the food was and how simple to make in the new pots and pans.

That night we looked at my stash of old recipes, some 80 years old. From Great Grandma to Grandma to ma to Pat to me to Emily to the children they will conceive. Pots and pans are very important to this family.

We all have that old skillet we pull out often to baste an egg or sauté an onion. Then we have that favorite “Dutch” oven which always confused me. Why did they call it a “Dutch” oven? It’s a big round pot which either we make stew a soup or roast a chicken. What’s Dutch about it? Forgive me, I digress.

So I’m buying my favorite girl, my golden Godchild, Emily, pots and pans for her beautiful wedding. I asked my sis if too pretentious and realized as the question was posed no way are pots and pans a pretense. It’s basic stuff…like good tires or a good bra. Like her mother and her mother before that and her mother before that we nurture the family with good food and the love of good food and cooking. It’s a heritage I treasure.

So there you go…what a great beginning for a new marriage is a set of pots and pans. I’m calling it enlightenment with pots and pans. And I won’t have to tell her “these cost a lot of money.” It’s published on the internet.

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